About Us

Times have changed for the tourism industry. From the traditionally popular group tours, self-driving and self-guided experiences have emerged as the future of the tourism landscape! To this end, we inject new blood into global tourism by leveraging next generation automation and artificial intelligence to help travelers choose destinations, secure accommodations, arrange and manage itineraries, and engage with local experience providers. These features and more are curated and tailored to ensure your integration with new cultures is as easy and authentic as possible!

At Leyo, in addition to developing a reliable itinerary, we know how to ensure that you have the best time possible on your journey. Since its establishment, Leyo has sent teams to explore numerous locations in North America. We believe that our employees should experience our destinations personally so that they might provide each traveler with the best possible opportunity to explore new cultures and locations on a deeper level.

We believe that traveling shouldn’t be a shallow experience of hopping from one tourist attraction to the next. Rather, it’s about developing a deeper connection to the area you are visiting and creating lasting memories from that. We want our travelers to begin their journeys with an open-mind and the hunger to explore unknown cultures and locations. Through self-driving tours, you can explore destinations on a much deeper level; you can journey farther and choose your own areas of interest. In addition to self-driving tours, we also provide more refined “selected package” itineraries as well as customized “self-organized destination” itineraries. These diversified choices and more make each experience unique.
Mr. Kuo Chengho founded Leyo Tourism in Vancouver, Canada, with the emphasis on self-driving tours and customized itinerary planning.
Leyo’s team of explorers ventures out to the Alaska Highway, one of the most iconic driving routes in Canada. With 9 days, 8 nights, and more than 1800 kilometers of pristine wilderness to drive through, we knew we had to share this experience with the world. From snow-capped mountains, glacial lakes, and up-close encounters with wildlife, Northern Canada is a majestic voyage for you to experience.
Continuing on our search for new and exciting places to visit, our team traveled to the artistic town of Nelson as well as Kelowna, the Napa Valley of Canada. Each location offered unique highlights to witness from the beautiful street murals of Nelson to the rolling Vineyards along the Okanagan Lake in Kelowna.
To challenge the lowest prices in the market, the Vancouver 19999 project was launched to let more Taiwanese travelers know that Vancouver was a destination worth visiting!
October is the most beautiful month of the year to view the iconic Canadian Maple leafs. During this time, our team set out to discover new ways of traveling by train through Eastern Canada. This trip would pass through Toronto, Montreal, and parts of Quebec providing the opportunity to experience Canadian history and French colonial culture.
Later in the year, our team ventured to Vancouver Island eagerly wanting to experience a trip closer to nature. By traveler in a camper van while visiting the island’s gardens and vineyards, they were able sate their desire to explore some of British Columbia’s pristine wilderness. Of course, the island’s world famous seafood makes for an even more enjoyable trip!
2019 would later mark the 500th anniversary of the establishment of Cuba’s capital, Havana! Our team decided to journey to this tropical and friendly country and immerse themselves into a new culture. Through venturing out in an antique car, witnessing the production of Cuba’s world-famous rum, and enjoying an authentic Cuban cigar, our team enjoyed an in-depth encounter with the Cuban people.
Yellowknife is no longer the only option for observing the famous auroras of the north. Our team headed north to Whitehorse, Yukon to witness the vast, breathtaking wilderness, which is often inaccessible throughout the year. Our team was able to enjoy bona fide dog sledding, snowmobile excursions, and ice fishing on some the Yukon’s frozen lakes! To add to the adventure, our team was able to visit the home town of musician Matthew Lianen who played remarkably on the piano as a way to welcome us and our guests.
During the summer in Canada, there is no shortage of fun activities to engage in. During August of 2019, our team embarked on 8-day, 7-night self-driving expedition from Vancouver, BC to Banff, AB. This trip traversed through the world-famous Rocky Mountains, an ancient mountain range boasting epic snow-capped peaks and pristine glacial lakes emanating the most vibrant shades of green and blue. Near the end of the journey, our team was able to participate in Canada’s most famous western themed event – the Calgary Stampede.
A critical moment for Leyo was the introduction of artificial intelligence into the core of Leyo’s operations and philosophy. By integrating state-of-the-art language processing AI into each of our guests travels, no customer would ever be without support or additional information to enhance their travel experiences. By simply engaging with your smart devices, our AI can provide you with a myriad of tools, on-the-spot emergency support, and information.